It's now the day after Christmas and I am starting ti off with a bang.

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The original writer of this article is an old white man, probably a conservative or right winger of some sort. It very much pissed me off and though I'm only 17 I can still stand up for what I believe in and for the rights and dignity of other people, races and religions.

I am Atheist and always have been. It's just how I came out, not believing in a god of any sort. But regardless, I will swill stick up for you if you are being cheated and insulted. You can always count on me to have you back.

Do I feel bad for this girl? Very much so, so I'm not some apathetic, 17 year old blogger, hidden away in his room, loser who thinks "It's my way, or the highway!"

If I do have readers who happen to pay attention to my posting, please reply with your thought and opinions on this.


Does anyone actually read this? I mean, I only have 7 followers, so obviously it isn't a lot. My life just isn't that exciting to post on here regularly.

But, I do have something very important to say. :'(

Magnolia Shorty, a local rapper/bounce music artist, was murdered the other day. I've had dreams of seeing her live and now those dreams will never come true. :'(


i had a little scare the past few days. I lost my login info so I had to go try every possible option I had. Well, after going through 12 different email addresses I finally found my info!

I'm thinking possible shoe-spiration? I tried to stud some canvas shoes I got from Urban Outfitters a while ago but the material was too flimsy so maybe my old converse would work better? Guess we'll find out!


well since tumblr is down why not post here?

just some music that is super fucking cool. what i'm dancing to:

nothing too great, but it's a good playlist for either a single dance party or a party with friends


lost in time and place

So I can't get my license because my parents don't feel like paying for my insurance. They paid for my brother's and still do. This isn't fair at all.

My iPod also got washed today so I have to go return it for a new one. So that blows. No relaxing music for Patrick tonight.

I went to the mall with my mom and aunt and I was told to go pick out a new comforter, something i terribly need. So I finally find one I like then I'm told I can't get it. And I wasn't allowed to get anything I saw.

This weekend just needs to end already. Hopefully tomorrow I'm allowed to go to the mall with Shay to go get a few things. Also, I'm supposed to go see Eclipse on Monday with my friend, but I still need to ask about going to that and somehow find a ride to wherever it is that we're seeing it. Meh.


So pretty



"He loves me so, this I know, makes me feel so good"

It is summer! Well, it has been for awhile now but yeah.... Anyway, it is summer and that means shorts, shirts, fun times and nights that never want to end! I have a new summer playlist to and I keep adding about four songs to it daily. This is my newest and I am madly in love...obsessed with it:

Did you love it?! Back to my post! I asked my mom for a 2,000$ bag today and she told me I had a better chance of being struck by lightning than getting the bag. I wanted to cry. I also went to our local Marshalls' to see if this pair of Prada shoes were still there but sadly they had been bought (I need to find the new owner) and is now on the feet of some lucky lucky lucky person. I am so jealous if you can't tell.

I'm trying to find a rainbow bow-tie, so if you can help me please I guess comment on this post!

Anyway, have a lovely summer! And share some of your favorite summer tunes with me! I need new mix CD's for when I finally get my license and am able to drive.


p.s. - summer love, you can find me now, please.
I'm so sick and tired of seeing people in couple form. And hearing about what they have and have not done with someone. It's not because I'm disgusted or anything, it's because I'm truly envious of the love or 'love' they are receiving. Maybe this is just my immature teen feelings showing off like flambeaux lights at a mardi gras parade.

But, not to sound vain or conceited or deserving of anything, but I think I deserve some sort of compassion in this world,as does anyone really.

I don't consider myself to be attractive because I know there are things I'd like to change but I just don't do anything to get there. I know there are people a hell of a lot more attractive than I ever will be but I wouldn't say I'm a terrible eye sore or anything.

I guess this is just me being disgustingly teen-like. Ew.


it's like the rush of excitement you get once you realize what is for dinner is your most favorite meal ever.
like after you scrape your knee because you fell of your bike and you notice your jean pant leg is caught in the chain. the blood is starting to stain but the stinging is invigorating like right before you climax after a good orgasm.

i had a good ending to this and i swear it had a point, but like every thought i have i soon and completely forget them.


five senses

All of my senses are beginning to blur into one. That was an awful first sentence to a blog submission.

Taste: I've started to lose all my like and dislike of the taste of food. It's like when you burn your tongue on a hot cup of tea or coffee and your tongue is so burnt that you lose all taste. Or when you are as sick as a dog and your body is just not the same and all you can taste is your mucus slowly dripping down the back of your throat.

Touch: My finger tips don't feel anything other than the roughness of the world around them. My skin no longer feels soft. Cotton isn't cotton, wool isn't wool, silk isn't silky. Fabrics are all just the same rough fabric as if they are all made out of woven threads of sandpaper. I've always been complimented on the softness of my skin but now all I know is dry; a condition that not even pharmaceutical creams and rubs can fix.

Sight: There is no thing as clear vision to me anymore. Do you know or remember or can you imagine what it is like to jump into a pool with your eyes open either protected by goggles or bare and the rush of bubbles that you've created clog your vision and keep you guessing as to what is in front of you. It all blurs into one bubble that blurs into several smaller bubbles that become even smaller and more compact. A vision like waking up immediately as the lights come on and you squint with strain.

Smell: The only smells I smell are the ones that are and have been familiar to me my whole life. The combination of my top lip and the smell that boogers let off is what always have and will fill my nose. This smell is familiar and is comfortable and is home. Not a materialistic home. This is something I like and enjoy.

Hearing: You've just finished watching a scary movie alone at night and you are heading off to bed. You make sure that you are very quiet and every little noise startles you. A loud, pounding, harsh ringing and beating starts to fill your head and you can't hear anything anymore. This is my new sense of hearing; this is all that I've been hearing for awhile now.

My senses are destroyed. Do they sell a book to help me fix this? How do I get my conscience back? Did I ever have one to begin with?