So I can't get my license because my parents don't feel like paying for my insurance. They paid for my brother's and still do. This isn't fair at all.

My iPod also got washed today so I have to go return it for a new one. So that blows. No relaxing music for Patrick tonight.

I went to the mall with my mom and aunt and I was told to go pick out a new comforter, something i terribly need. So I finally find one I like then I'm told I can't get it. And I wasn't allowed to get anything I saw.

This weekend just needs to end already. Hopefully tomorrow I'm allowed to go to the mall with Shay to go get a few things. Also, I'm supposed to go see Eclipse on Monday with my friend, but I still need to ask about going to that and somehow find a ride to wherever it is that we're seeing it. Meh.

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