"He loves me so, this I know, makes me feel so good"

It is summer! Well, it has been for awhile now but yeah.... Anyway, it is summer and that means shorts, shirts, fun times and nights that never want to end! I have a new summer playlist to and I keep adding about four songs to it daily. This is my newest and I am madly in love...obsessed with it:

Did you love it?! Back to my post! I asked my mom for a 2,000$ bag today and she told me I had a better chance of being struck by lightning than getting the bag. I wanted to cry. I also went to our local Marshalls' to see if this pair of Prada shoes were still there but sadly they had been bought (I need to find the new owner) and is now on the feet of some lucky lucky lucky person. I am so jealous if you can't tell.

I'm trying to find a rainbow bow-tie, so if you can help me please I guess comment on this post!

Anyway, have a lovely summer! And share some of your favorite summer tunes with me! I need new mix CD's for when I finally get my license and am able to drive.


p.s. - summer love, you can find me now, please.

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