It's now the day after Christmas and I am starting ti off with a bang.

Please visit and read and give me your opinions and views on the topic.

Both replies were given by me and reblogged on each of my tumblr accounts.
The original writer of this article is an old white man, probably a conservative or right winger of some sort. It very much pissed me off and though I'm only 17 I can still stand up for what I believe in and for the rights and dignity of other people, races and religions.

I am Atheist and always have been. It's just how I came out, not believing in a god of any sort. But regardless, I will swill stick up for you if you are being cheated and insulted. You can always count on me to have you back.

Do I feel bad for this girl? Very much so, so I'm not some apathetic, 17 year old blogger, hidden away in his room, loser who thinks "It's my way, or the highway!"

If I do have readers who happen to pay attention to my posting, please reply with your thought and opinions on this.

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