I'm so sick and tired of seeing people in couple form. And hearing about what they have and have not done with someone. It's not because I'm disgusted or anything, it's because I'm truly envious of the love or 'love' they are receiving. Maybe this is just my immature teen feelings showing off like flambeaux lights at a mardi gras parade.

But, not to sound vain or conceited or deserving of anything, but I think I deserve some sort of compassion in this world,as does anyone really.

I don't consider myself to be attractive because I know there are things I'd like to change but I just don't do anything to get there. I know there are people a hell of a lot more attractive than I ever will be but I wouldn't say I'm a terrible eye sore or anything.

I guess this is just me being disgustingly teen-like. Ew.

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