five senses

All of my senses are beginning to blur into one. That was an awful first sentence to a blog submission.

Taste: I've started to lose all my like and dislike of the taste of food. It's like when you burn your tongue on a hot cup of tea or coffee and your tongue is so burnt that you lose all taste. Or when you are as sick as a dog and your body is just not the same and all you can taste is your mucus slowly dripping down the back of your throat.

Touch: My finger tips don't feel anything other than the roughness of the world around them. My skin no longer feels soft. Cotton isn't cotton, wool isn't wool, silk isn't silky. Fabrics are all just the same rough fabric as if they are all made out of woven threads of sandpaper. I've always been complimented on the softness of my skin but now all I know is dry; a condition that not even pharmaceutical creams and rubs can fix.

Sight: There is no thing as clear vision to me anymore. Do you know or remember or can you imagine what it is like to jump into a pool with your eyes open either protected by goggles or bare and the rush of bubbles that you've created clog your vision and keep you guessing as to what is in front of you. It all blurs into one bubble that blurs into several smaller bubbles that become even smaller and more compact. A vision like waking up immediately as the lights come on and you squint with strain.

Smell: The only smells I smell are the ones that are and have been familiar to me my whole life. The combination of my top lip and the smell that boogers let off is what always have and will fill my nose. This smell is familiar and is comfortable and is home. Not a materialistic home. This is something I like and enjoy.

Hearing: You've just finished watching a scary movie alone at night and you are heading off to bed. You make sure that you are very quiet and every little noise startles you. A loud, pounding, harsh ringing and beating starts to fill your head and you can't hear anything anymore. This is my new sense of hearing; this is all that I've been hearing for awhile now.

My senses are destroyed. Do they sell a book to help me fix this? How do I get my conscience back? Did I ever have one to begin with?

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